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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Celcom Broadband SKMM Sim Pack

Hi peers,
Have you heard about Celcom Broadband RM25 ? Seems like this is a limited and most economical pack which was introduced under 1Malaysia Computer Project. I have never seen this at any shops previously.

skmm1 Celcom Broadband SKMM RM25 – 1Malaysia Computer Project Pack
So with this Celcom Broadband SKMM RM25, you can surf internet with lowest rate in town. Checkout some details about Celcom Broadband SKMM RM25 below:
> SKMM Pack
> Speed between 384kbps <-> 1.55 Mbps
> Unlimited brodband package ( but heard some telling only 800mb)
> Free for first one month

I think it's hardly to find now because the dealer said to me that the stock is already finished. If there is still left one or two more, the price must be very-very expensive . Based on my experience, this sim broadband is very worth.

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